Thursday, September 9, 2010

Embassies of Washington, Part 15

We're nearing the end, I've got less than ten embassies left to photograph. Germany completes the EU-27, the OECD, the G20 etc. As a huge economy and the most powerful member-state of the EU, it's one of the world's most important countries and actually the foreign country I know best, having lived there for a full year, but it's also got the hardest embassy in Washington to get to without a car, and though I have access to a car, I didn't use it for this one, I decided to walk 3 miles out of my way instead to Reservoir Road west of Georgetown University, in fact further west than any other embassy in the city. It's a nice walk. I like the German embassy and it's ultra-modern exoskeleton architecture from the outside, I'll have to go to a concert or something there sometime. Today's batch is Algeria, Benin, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Germany, Guatemala, Laos, Mauritania, Tanzania and Thailand. With 150 countries covered, we're at 46 of 50 countries in Europe, 29 of 34 countries in the Americas (not including us), 36 of 42 countries in Asia, 35 of 53 countries in Africa... we're still at 4 of 14 for Oceania and going to stay that way because the rest of them prefer New York to Washington (sometimes I can't blame them).

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