Thursday, September 2, 2010

Embassies of Washington, Part 14

President Obama has ended American combat operations in Iraq, and now the military can focus even more on our troubled war in Afghanistan, deep into its ninth year. I just started reading Jon Krakauer's book Where Men Win Glory about Pat Tillman, it's great so far. Today this fascinating and troubled country begins the fourteenth installment of this project, out of 16 or 17, I've now photographed all but 10 of the embassy buildings in Washington (not including embassies in larger offices). We finally feature the Holy See or Vatican embassy, my neighbor on Observatory Circle, where I saw a nun running laps in the backyard on the day I first strolled down Embassy Row in its entirety and was inspired to do this project. And we also have a few of the tucked-away embassies that had eluded me until this final part of the hunt. Bahrain and Kuwait are the leftovers from International Drive, all of the embassies there are now up on the blog. Uruguay is one of my favorite embassies in the city, I think, right downtown near the World Bank. Afghanistan, Bahrain, Belize, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Holy See (Vatican), Kuwait, Malawi, Monaco, and Uruguay.

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