Thursday, August 5, 2010

Embassies of Washington, Part 1

Walking every day to a university building nestled in between the Uzbek and Chilean embassies, not far from the Aussies and the Filipinos and the Trinidadians and the Kazakhs, I have enjoyed the international flavor of my city while studying international relations. But now I have moved to a new neighborhood and feel even more surrounded by embassies. Whereas the Poles and Lithuanians used to be 12 blocks from my house, the Belgians are two blocks away now, and the quickest way on foot to Dupont Circles takes me past the showpieces on Embassy Row. So I thought I would snap DC's embassies and post them here, 10 at a time.

To start with, here is Belgium, Central African Republic, Chile, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, the Philippines, Portugal, Trinidad & Tobago, and Uzbekistan. The Belgians and Uzbeks have been my neighbors, but my favorite of the bunch might be Moldova, since it’s in the same building as Russia House.

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