Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Revolution Will Be Tweeted / Belgium Does It!

So I finally set up a Twitter account this morning, grabbing my actual name before somebody else did. Drop by and leave a message to welcome me to the Twitterverse.

In other news, Belgium has now gone 249 days without a government, officially tying Iraq for the world record (the link is a news story explains why the elected parties have not been able to form a government, despite the best efforts of King Albert and a series of mediators, for a more basic summary of why Belgium doesn't function like a normal country, check out this video). Actually there is a caretaker government, as well as local administration, so there is hardly anarchy, but people are not happy about the lack of a government. We heard street protests from our rooftop at the office this afternoon. We'll see if they get a government by the time I leave the country.

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